August 8, 2019

Always Coca-Cola…and The CIRK

It’s amazing how quickly a month can go by, and how much can happen in that month! July was a whir of excitement, with shows, performances, corporate events – the whole whizz-bang!

But what I wanted to share with you in this month’s blog is something truly spectacular. In July, The CIRK was selected to host the media launch of Coca-Cola’s newest Energy Drink!

Great music and dancing kept the energy high – as did the Coca-Cola Energy, of course. As we do at The CIRK, our performers put on breathtaking performances in the globe and LED-lit lyra, with dancers powering up the stage and getting the audience up on their feet and moving to the grooves.

This really does show that our venue can be transformed into anything, and be the perfect “stage” to make your event something spectacular!

Now, see the Coca-Cola night for yourself…


Ciao for now!