Corporate Entertainment

The CIRK offers a incredible range of entertainment which can be combined, choreographed and combined to create options perfect for your event. We treat every event with the highest level of professionalism from our single act feature shows to full company stage productions. We guarantee your guests will experience something they’ll rave about long after the event is over.

We come to you

The CIRK has a network of highly trained, professional service providers, from lighting, rigging, staging, equipment installation and technical management. This allows us to bring our shows to any suitable venue of choice and turn any location into a safe and impressive performance space. When booking the CIRK we send our certified riggers out to view the site and discuss the best performance options with you to create something magical.

Africa Specialist

The CIRK team performs regularly all over Africa and specializes in portable systems to offer amazing shows in any suitable venue.

Our understanding of the African market and the logistics involved allows us to take our productions all over the continent. Our International performances have included private functions, launches, corporate events, festivals and more.


Our team’s full range of experience can help bring your vision to life or offer creative advice and ideas to take your event to the next level.



The Cirk - Cube Act


The performance artist manoeuvres a cube by tossing and spinning it around himself and above his head. This act incorporates acts of juggling and acrobatics. The routine requires strength and coordination to swiftly navigate the spinning cube, and is sure to wow your guests.

The Cirk - Cyr Wheel Act


The artist manipulates a human-sized wheel (steel hoop) from inside of it, using balance and strength to do dynamic tricks.

The Cirk - Pole Act


The artist performs beautiful and striking acrobatic tricks on the pole, demonstrating elegance and strength as our male or female artists delight the audience with their skills.

Adagio Act


Performed by a male and female couple.


The Cirk - Silks Act


The artist performs a breath-taking aerial dance to music whilst suspended from the silks (fabric), through a combination of climbs, wraps, inverts, locks and drops. The act can be performed as a solo, duo, or with multiple synchronised performers.

The Cirk - Lira Act


The artist performs an elegant acrobatic dance on a metal hoop suspended in the air. This act can be performed as a solo, duo, or with multiple performers.

The Cirk - Globe


Similar to the lyra, the globe is a layered metal apparatus suspended in the air, in which the artist performs graceful, flexible movements. This act can be done as a solo or duo.

The Cirk - Straps Act


Using impressive levels of strength and flexibility, the straps act sees the artist or artists performing jaw-dropping acrobatics in the air. This act can be done as a solo male act, or male / female duo.

The Cirk Aerial Cube Act


Performed by a solo female performer or as a duo with two female performers. 

The Cirk Spanish Web Act


Performed by a solo female performer. Can be performed as a synchronised duo on two ropes.

The Cirk Slings Act


Performed as a solo or as a duo with two female or male and female performers.

The Cirk Trapeze Act


Performed as a duo with a male and female performer.


The Cirk - Risque


Sensual acts for the more provocative audience.

The Cirk - Busking


Artists add to the ambience of your event by manoeuvring an apparatus from a static point. This is strictly for display purposes only.

The Cirk - Flying


Adding an extraordinary creative element to a show, artists can “fly” through the air suspended in harnesses (e.g. if a show required a character such as a Peter Pan, or a singer, or a musician to fly across the stage).

The Cirk - Running Wall


Artists are suspended in the air against a vertical surface, and perform acrobatic tricks such as cartwheels and handstands while running from one point to another.