COVID-19 Rescue Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people and businesses across the world, with the entertainment and performance sectors incredibly hard hit. 

Artists, technicians, crew and entertainment companies have crashed as all live events and large gatherings get cancelled.

The CIRK’s team of performers and fitness trainers has felt this struggle deeply, with little to no source of income. 

So there is a desperate need for innovative solutions to provide assistance to this industry. 

The CIRK has created a COVID-19 Rescue Plan, with various initiatives to try and help and support our artists. 

Any help that you may be able to give our artists would be hugely appreciated!


Our professional instructors have gone online, and are hosting a variety of health and fitness classes throughout the week, via Zoom. Packages are available so you can choose the exact classes that you want! Click here to view our packages, pricing and schedule.


Our instructors are available for one-on-one, or private group classes. All proceeds will go directly to the instructors.


Informative and enlightening, the Inner CIRK’L Talks bring together different experts from different industries, to explore and discuss pivotal topics related to current issues, such as COVID-19 and the world afterwards, the state of the property marketing, and more.


Any amount donated will go into a pool of funds to help our artists.


If you are an artist who has a following and wants to assist other fellow artists, we can provide a platform! The CIRK, in partnership with Jozi Circus School and AV, offers a professional stage setup with live streaming. Vocalists, bands, dancers and actors can stream live shows for the cause. All proceeds will go towards the artists and crew involved. Please send us a message to help keep artists working.


If you are a professional in your field (arts, academics, law, economics, business, etc) and have an hour to share your skills, please consider donating a Master Class, to be streamed either live or pre-recorded via Zoom. Master Classes will be offered on our online platform in order to raise funds for our artists.


The CIRK has partnered with Indelicate Apparel to provide cloth masks. 10% of every mask purchase through this platform, will be donated to artists.