Our first official blog!

It’s been a year since we opened the doors to The CIRK, and things have been so busy. Not just with our corporate events, but with our training classes, and hosting interesting events at our venue.

But what we’ve really been working on, is what our business is really about: creating memories and experiences through art and getting our message across through our different platforms. These include our social media platforms, and a big focus on our beautiful, new website (we love what our developer, Carmen, has done with the site!). We’ve also been working on our non-profit organisation, the Jozi Circus School, and brainstorming some cool ideas to share what we do at The CIRK with as many people as possible.


What do our directors think?

I was in the “office” last week (I won’t lie, it’s really cool to work in such a creative and colourful space as The CIRK, with people practicing beautiful acts around you, the energy that fizzes through the place). I asked one of our directors and founders of The CIRK – Orlando (we seen him as the glue between the different members of our crazy, wonderful team) – what his most striking memory of our venue is (it being our first birthday coming up next month!). He said it had to be the very first function that The CIRK hosted. “It marked a milestone for me, that the dream was actually becoming real. I knew we had a lot of hard work and dedication ahead of us, but this first event was the beginning of something really special that would bring so much joy to many people.”


I have to tell you, I don’t know where Orlando gets his energy from! He’s always busy, reading up on the latest business hacks, social media tips and tricks, or learning new ways to make our business more exciting and innovative. I don’t know where he finds the time to do everything – he’s like that guy in the Bar-One ad, who has a 25-hour day!


I also cornered Michelle (another of our Directors, and the person who makes things happen at The CIRK) – to ask what her fondest memory is. “My fondest memory was having our first class at The CIRK,” Michelle told me. “It had been a crazy month trying to get everything sorted and ready; we had just finished building the offices and the bar, and we had all our aerial trussing put up. It was also freezing cold because it was the middle of winter. But everyone was so happy that we were finally open”, and having all the students back was amazing.


Our first birthday!

Speaking of birthdays, our team was chatting about what to do to celebrate our first birthday. It’s been so amazing to see The CIRK grow from an empty space into the creative, vibrant and interesting place it is today, so we decided what better way to celebrate than to put together a workshop and a showcase. The workshop gives people a bird’s eye view of what we do, touching on a little bit of everything, from aerial to acrobatics and acts; it’s such a great way to get a taste of the “urban CIRK life” 😊 The showcase is also very special to us – it is a show where our students can really shine, and perform some incredible acts that they have been training very hard for.


Something close to our hearts

The guys at The CIRK have created the most wonderful NPO project that is really close to our hearts – the Jozi Circus School (JCS). We’ve been working on this project for the last three years, and what the project aims to do is help those who don’t have the advantages that we have, but have a talent and desire to be the best they can be in their lives, by teaching them performance skills, giving them these skills to turn into paying work one day, and also offering them the opportunity to work in the performing industry.


We are currently working with four young people, training them to work in a show contract in November. This is just the first phase of JCS, with next year being a big drive for the Singabanye Circus.


We are always looking for help to support this initiative, and give our trainees the best chance we can, so if you would like to join this beautiful project and sponsor one or more of these dynamic and proactive people, please drop us a line at, and help us change these individuals’ lives. At the moment we are busy working on the JCS website, which should be up and running by the end of September. But we’ll keep you updated!


That’s it for our first blog then! If you have any ideas for our next blog, or would like us to ask one of our team members a “burning question”, please drop me an email on I would love to hear from you 😊


Ciao for now!